Cigar Oasis Celebrates 20 Years

What started as an intriguing idea has now become and industry standard.

NEW YORK, June 15, 2017 -  It was in early 1997 during the cigar boom when Al Foundos (President of Cigar Oasis) received a call from a friend inquiring about the possibility of creating an electronic device to control humidity in humidors. “He told me that he was approached by an editor at Cigar Aficionado magazine who spoke of the rapidly growing need for such a device” recalls Al Foundos. “I had recently sold my company and retired to play golf but this was something different and intriguing. We were both experts in the field of humidity control and we got to work right away. We knew we wanted something that would provide consistent humidity without maintenance for months at a time so we developed the sealed design. Set it and forget it as we called it.”

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Your Cigars. Your Control. From Anywhere.

SmartHumidor Launch and App Update

NEW YORK, July 2, 2015, New York - For immediate release: In 2014 Cigar Oasis released the Next Generation line of humidifiers along with the Wi-Fi attachment for remote monitoring, control, and alerts. It was met with remarkable success as reflected in both sales and customer feedback. On July 18th at the IPCPR convention in New Orleans, Cigar Oasis will officially launch its Smart Humidor™ brand.

The Wi-Fi attachment, web login, and smartphone apps will all be rebranded under the Smart Humidor™ label. Going forward, any humidor equipped with a Cigar Oasis humidifier and Wi-Fi attachment can assume the name Smart Humidor™ and can be marketed as such by retailers who wish to sell it as a full package. In addition, all future Cigar Oasis products in the remote monitoring/control category will be released under the Smart Humidor™ brand.

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Next Generation Humidifiers from Cigar Oasis

Where High Tech Meets Cigars

NEW YORK, January 9, 2014 – Cigar Oasis is pleased to announce an update of its entire line of electronic humidifiers. The new units incorporate cutting edge technology and features that help today’s cigar smokers keep their cigars fresh without the hassle of constant monitoring. Cigar Oasis, the original developer and leading manufacturer of electronic humidifiers for the cigar industry, has once again raised the bar for active, controlled humidification for the cigar smoker.

The new features include temperature reading, hi/low memory and 3-day averages for humidity, as well as low battery and low water alarms. With the exception of the largest humidifier (Magna) they will also have the ability to run using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

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The Long Awaited Caliber 4R Available Now

The sophistication of an analog hygrometer meets the accuracy and advanced functionality of a digital!

NEW YORK, February 15, 2013 – Cigar Oasis and Western Humidor are pleased to announce the availability of the new round digital hygrometer, the Caliber 4R. This new hygrometer contains the same super accurate sensor and advanced functionality of the legendary Caliber line, but packages it in a new elegant round design.

The Caliber line of hygrometers has gained a reputation for its reliable accuracy, slim profile design and no hassle operation. Late last year, the Caliber IV was introduced with the same stream-lined form and advanced sensor and electronics with many new features.

Now we are pleased to announce the release of the Caliber 4R. This hygrometer utilizes the same sensor, circuitry and calibration as the Caliber IV but in a design that will knock your socks off! Imagine a round hygrometer with the classic looks of an analog but powered by the advanced, accurate digital electronics of the Caliber line!

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The team of Cigar Oasis and Western Humidor introduce two new digital hygrometers – the Caliber IV and Caliber 4R

The best digital hygrometer line just got a little better!

NEW YORK, July 15, 2012 – Western Humidor and Cigar Oasis are pleased to announce two new designs in the very successful Caliber series of digital hygrometers. Western Humidor first introduced the original Caliber back in 1994 as the first digital hygrometer designed for the cigar industry. That was followed by the Caliber II then the Caliber III, with Western Humidor continually setting the standard with what is considered to be the most accurate hygrometer on the market.

The Caliber line has gained a reputation for its reliable accuracy, slim profile design and no hassle operation. Building on these same principles, the new Caliber IV will continue to set the standard by adding in an additional feature, calibration. Yes, the Caliber digital hygrometer can now be calibrated!

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