Press Release: Cigar Oasis Hires New Sales Manager

Cigar Oasis is pleased to announce the appointment of their new Sales Manager: Dan Barranco. Dan will be replacing Chaim Kohn who has been with Cigar Oasis since 2013. Chaim Kohn will now be serving as Director of Sales and new business development. 

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PSA: SmartHumidor™ (WiFi) Update

May 16, 2019 Farmingdale, NY - The newly designed Cigar Oasis 3.0 humidifiers started shipping in October of 2018. Each of the four models have been updated with enhanced features including enlarged backlit LCD’s, soft-touch buttons, streamlined ribbon/micro-USB connections and more, offering the latest technology integrated with your best cigars.

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Launching: Cigar Oasis 3.0

June 25th, 2018 Farmingdale, NY - The best in cigar humidification just got even better.

With much enthusiasm, Cigar Oasis is releasing its 3.0 Next Generation line of humidifiers at the IPCPR. After their 20th anniversary celebration last year Cigar Oasis decided it was time to step up yet again. Now with the latest technological innovations and upgrades, they have raised the bar for cigar storage with the most advanced electronic humidifier to date.

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Cigar Oasis Celebrates 20 Years

What started as an intriguing idea has now become and industry standard.

NEW YORK, June 15, 2017 -  It was in early 1997 during the cigar boom when Al Foundos (President of Cigar Oasis) received a call from a friend inquiring about the possibility of creating an electronic device to control humidity in humidors. “He told me that he was approached by an editor at Cigar Aficionado magazine who spoke of the rapidly growing need for such a device” recalls Al Foundos. “I had recently sold my company and retired to play golf but this was something different and intriguing. We were both experts in the field of humidity control and we got to work right away. We knew we wanted something that would provide consistent humidity without maintenance for months at a time so we developed the sealed design. Set it and forget it as we called it.”

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Your Cigars. Your Control. From Anywhere.

SmartHumidor Launch and App Update

NEW YORK, July 2, 2015, New York - For immediate release: In 2014 Cigar Oasis released the Next Generation line of humidifiers along with the Wi-Fi attachment for remote monitoring, control, and alerts. It was met with remarkable success as reflected in both sales and customer feedback. On July 18th at the IPCPR convention in New Orleans, Cigar Oasis will officially launch its Smart Humidor™ brand.

The Wi-Fi attachment, web login, and smartphone apps will all be rebranded under the Smart Humidor™ label. Going forward, any humidor equipped with a Cigar Oasis humidifier and Wi-Fi attachment can assume the name Smart Humidor™ and can be marketed as such by retailers who wish to sell it as a full package. In addition, all future Cigar Oasis products in the remote monitoring/control category will be released under the Smart Humidor™ brand.

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