The team of Cigar Oasis and Western Humidor introduce two new digital hygrometers – the Caliber IV and Caliber 4R

The best digital hygrometer line just got a little better!

NEW YORK, July 15, 2012 – Western Humidor and Cigar Oasis are pleased to announce two new designs in the very successful Caliber series of digital hygrometers. Western Humidor first introduced the original Caliber back in 1994 as the first digital hygrometer designed for the cigar industry. That was followed by the Caliber II then the Caliber III, with Western Humidor continually setting the standard with what is considered to be the most accurate hygrometer on the market.

The Caliber line has gained a reputation for its reliable accuracy, slim profile design and no hassle operation. Building on these same principles, the new Caliber IV will continue to set the standard by adding in an additional feature, calibration. Yes, the Caliber digital hygrometer can now be calibrated!

The new Caliber IV contains the same accurate sensor and circuitry that made the Caliber III famous while allows the user to adjust the display setting digitally! This will certainly make the Caliber IV the easiest digital hygrometer to recalibrate if necessary

In addition to the Caliber IV we are pleased to announce a new shape with the Caliber 4R.This hygrometer utilizes the same sensor, circuitry and calibration as the Caliber IV but in a design that will knock your socks off! Imagine a round hygrometer with the classic looks of an analog but powered by the advanced, accurate digital electronics of the Caliber line!

The addition to these new features was done without any compromises on features or quality. Both of the new units retain their legendary accuracy and are designed to eliminate gauge flutter with slow response updating time. Both still display humidity and temperature readings, have the ability to record maximum and minimum readings and can be set to display in either Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

"These two new products will revolutionize the digital hygrometer industry once again as Western Humidor has continued to do since 1994"and now under Cigar Oasis, says Al Foundos, President of Cigar Oasis. "The Caliber IV and Caliber 4R will set the bar much higher in terms of quality, design and functionality."

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