PSA: SmartHumidor™ (WiFi) Update

May 16, 2019 Farmingdale, NY - The newly designed Cigar Oasis 3.0 humidifiers started shipping in October of 2018. Each of the four models have been updated with enhanced features including enlarged backlit LCD’s, soft-touch buttons, streamlined ribbon/micro-USB connections and more, offering the latest technology integrated with your best cigars.

 One of the significant updates was including the Wi-Fi capability built-in with the humidifier (previously sold as an attachment for $119.00) to be used with an optional subscription based smartphone app. Having the Wi-Fi built-in allows for a more seamless setup and connectivity process. While most customers have managed to get their Wi-Fi setup with the new SmartHumidor™ app, many are still experiencing issues with both setup and staying connected.

Our development team has been and continues to work full time on addressing each of these issues and has resolved many of them but the setup and app performance is still leaving some users not connected and frustrated. We acknowledge this frustration and we are taking the following immediate steps to correct it:

1. We are in the process of moving the entire Wi-Fi component to a 3rd party tech firm best suited to build, oversee, manage, and support the entire process from setup to subscription and alerts. As opposed to keeping it in-house and outsourcing particular pieces as we have been until now.

2. For 2019 we have changed the free trial period on the app from 30 days to 6 months for new devices. All users with current non-communicating devices enrolled in subscriptions can call us for a refund on the subscription costs.

While all the primary humidifier functions are performing better than ever, our goal at Cigar Oasis is always to bring the maximum value to our customers and we will continue working on the app setup and user experience until it is as stellar and seamless as the humidification itself.

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