Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

Cigar Oasis

Designed for desktop humidors (50-100 cigars)

The Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 takes all the worry and fuss out of storing and maintaining your precious stogies. Its slim profile and lid-mounted design makes it the most attractive and efficient humidification solution for desktop humidors.

  • Pre-treated water cartridge requires distilled water only (appx 2-6 weeks for refiling)
  • Powered by a thin but durable electronic ribbon cable that fits through humidor seal
  • Large backlit display with live humidity & temperature readings
  • Soft to the touch sensor buttons to adjust your humidity setpoint
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability for optional use with the Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor ™ IOS & Android app
  • Not suggested for use in climate controlled/wineador humidors

Dimensions: Length: 7” Width: 2.5” Height: 1”

SKU: HA3-3000

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Cash
As Advertised

After fighting with other liquids/humidifiers/and re-calibrating a small hydrometer what felt like all the time.. I pulled the trigger on the Oasis 3.0
I was a little skeptical, but after dropping this guy in and letting it run a couple of weeks.. It's spot on. I left my old hydrometer in the humidor, and low/behold, even after recalibrating it was off. No wonder my sticks were dry. Now even cigars that had been stored for a while are starting to refresh and smoke like they used to. I also like the fact that the unit immediately goes to work after I've had the lid open searching out what I'm going to smoke that night - right away bringing in a little more moisture to balance out what was lost.

Great product, totally recommend.

Michael Berner
Review from Vegas

Great product and great service!

andres p

Great quality,easy to use,already comes pre set at 70.I will definitely purchase another in the future .Set it,and forget it.I have not tried the on line app for this,personally dont need it .

Jesus R
Amazing product

Amazing product, easy to set up

Keeps my smokes fresh!

... and yes it is a noise little thing. At least I know when it is running... Better mounting solution would cure the "hummm" it emits from inside the humidor I believe. Get a second cartridge for when you are recharging the other.