Both Cigar Oasis and Western are leaders and innovators in measuring and controlling humidity in the cigar industry.

Cigar Oasis developed active humidifiers to meet the need in the cigar industry for a better way to keep cigars fresh. The use of a special ribbon cable allows the humidifier to use AC power and still have the humidor create a perfect seal. The humidity sensor measures the humidity and when the humidity drops below the desired set point, the microprocessor turns on the fan. When the fan is on it draws air from the humidor, humidifies it, and puts it back into the humidor to bring it back up to the set point when it will turn off. While blowing humidity into the humidor, the units also allow for air movement in order to maximize the freshness of the cigars. Cigar Oasis is the original sealed humidifier. The science behind our products allows your humidor to be a truly stable environment for your premium cigars. Cigar Oasis continues to be the leader and innovator in humidification for the cigar industry and our name stands above all others.

Western developed the Caliber Hygrometers and they are the first hygrometers made specifically for the Cigar Industry. They use an extremely accurate sensor to give you the most accurate humidity reading of all the digital hygrometers on the market. The Caliber Hygrometers have many great features so cigar enthusiasts can be certain their humidor is the perfect humidity for their fine cigars. Caliber Hygrometers have been around since 1995 and are the leading hygrometer for cigar humidors.

CIGAR OASIS & WESTERN…Two Great Companies, One Great Vision.

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