Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Electronic Humidifier

SKU: NA4-4000

We're all sold out of the Magna 3.0... But this means great savings for you...

The Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 includes all the same specs and features as the Magna 3.0 Except for the Wi-Fi capability and the larger LCD display. 

Designed for large cabinet and tower humidors (10-60 Cubic ft.)

The Cigar Oasis Magna is recognized by both cigar retailers and cigar enthusiasts alike as the most reliable humidifier for cigar cabinets.

The Magna 2.0 utilizes two powerful fans that rapidly circulate humidity throughout the entire cabinet upon the active sensors command. Being a completely sealed system, the fans will run until the setpoint has been reached and never over-humidify. The display reads both humidity and temperature and also serves as the sensor which can be placed anywhere in the cabinet for the most accurate read and control.

Like all Cigar Oasis humidifiers, the Magna 2.0 comes preset to 70% RH but can always be set to your own preferred humidity level. The sensor constantly monitors the humidity which then activates the fan as needed to produce the cleanest humidity possible. The fan circulates air throughout your humidor in order to reach every cigar equally, keeping your cigars fresh, protected, and preserved for long-term aging.

  • Remote control & sensor with large LED display
  • Transparent base and water beads for easy monitor and refill
  • Adjust your humidity setpoint

Capacity: 10-60 Cubic ft. Cabinet & tower humidors

Dimensions: Length: 13” Width: 6.5” Height: 6”