General Questions

How does Cigar Oasis work?

Accurate sensor measures the humidity and when it is less than 70% it starts a fan that draws air from inside the humidor, runs it through the water cartridge, which humidifies the air and pushes it back into the humidor. When the humidity in the humidor reaches 70% the fan stops. Typically the fan goes on every time you open the humidor and from loss of humidity to the outside ambient through to leaks in the seal of the humidor.

Why is Cigar Oasis different than the sponges, bricks and other passive devices?

Cigar Oasis electronic humidifiers are active units that go on as soon as the humidity drops below the desired level and will shut off when it goes back up to that level. It requires minimum attention, just a refill of the cartridge occasionally. Whereas the passive devices require frequent attention, can't humidify in dry atmospheres, use chemicals and need replacement.

What are the dimensions of the Cigar Oasis units?

EXCEL & PLUS   3.5" High x 2" Wide x 6" Long

ULTRA 2.0        1" High x 2.5" Wide x 7" Long

MAGNA            6" High x 6.5" Wide x 13" Long

What is the right Cigar Oasis for my humidor?

Use our Humidifer Selector on our Home Page to choose the best Cigar Oasis for your humidor.

How do I mount the unit in my humidor?

The Cigar Oasis EXCEL and PLUS can stand up or lay down to accommodate your humidor. When laying the unit down or putting it next to a wall/divider, the fan intake and air outlet must be accessible with approximately 1/4 inch of space for air circulation.

Who is using the Cigar Oasis?

Cigar aficionados who have small and large humidors and want to keep their cigars fresh use our products. In addition, several humidor manufacturers and cigar distributors are using our units. We have many satisfied customers who have been using our products for years and recommend us to their cigar-smoking friends.

Is the humidity preset at 70%?

Yes. We set it at the factory, but you can adjust it from 55-80%. Recommended setting is at 70%, although, it should be at whatever you like best.

Does it regulate temperature?

Only humidity, but it does read the temperatur in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Is the unit noisy?

No. Most of the time the fan is not running and when it runs it is ultra quiet (same type of fan as used in computers).

How much power does it draw, does it create heat in my humidor?

It draws less than 100 milliamps and does not create any heat in the humidor.

How do I know when to refill or replace the water cartridge?

When you press the “sun” button on your unit it will display H2O.

When do I need a new water cartridge?

After 5 or 6 refills or about one time per year it is recommended that you get a new cartridge in order to have the advantage of the antifungal agent protection which gets depleted over time.

How do I refill my cartridge?

The best way to refill the cartridge is to submerge it in a bowl of distilled water for 4 minutes. When time's up, take it out and let it stand on the counter another minute. Then turn it over the sink and let any loose water drain out. Dry off the cartridge and put it back together. There must be no loose visible water in the holes.

Do I have to fill the cartridge with water when I unpack it?

The Cigar Oasis EXCEL and ULTRA 2.0 units are pre-filled with distilled water before they are shipped so they may be set up immediately. The Cigar Oasis PLUS must be filled with distilled water before its first use. Please see our filling instructions and be sure to follow them carefully.

What is the difference between the EXCEL and PLUS?

The difference is the size humidor you will be humidifying. The Cigar Oasis EXCEL is made for desk top humidors up to 4 cu. ft. or approximately 400 cigars. The Cigar Oasis PLUS is made for larger capacity boxes over 4 cu. ft. and up to 10 cu. ft. Although physically the two models look the same from the outside, the PLUS has two additional air ports in the rear of the unit and an additional hole in the cartridge. They allow the PLUS unit to draw in more air and push out a large amount of moisture for larger spaces.

How much room do the units take?

They displace about 8-10 cigars.

How is the Cigar Oasis powered and will I have to modify my humidor?

The Cigar Oasis unit fit in virtually all humidors that store 50-1000 cigars and you do not need to drill a hole or make any other modification to your humidor.  There is a ribbon cable, paper thin, that slips between the cover and the base of the humidor and connects to the Cigar Oasis unit. The other end of the ribbon cable has a connector that plugs into an adapter that lets you plug it into any outlet. This ribbon cable avoids any drilling of holes in your humidor.  Battery backup operation is included with the Cigar Oasis ULTRA 2.0 and is available with an optional Accessory Pack for the Cigar Oasis EXCEL and PLUS. Although battery option is available for the EXCEL and PLUS, battery operation is suggested only for short term use such as taking the humidor with you on a boat, or taking the humidor to a special event and as a backup.


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