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    CALIBER 4R…where analog meets digital.
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    Fits small desktop humidors to large armoires
  • Treat your best cigars right with the Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier.  Several models are available to regulate humidity in humidors of all sizes.
    Treat your cigars right…use Cigar Oasis

Company Profile

Cigar Oasis was developed in 1997 as the first sealed electronic humidifier for personal humidors. After a year in development and testing the engineers were ready to send the Cigar Oasis units out and have our customers be the true product testers. At first the market was slow because it was expensive, but those who used the Cigar Oasis swore by them with countless praises for the performance and maintenance free features of the product.

The big break came from the buzz that was generated on cigar forums. There was steady talk about the benefits of having a Cigar Oasis and how it was now incredibly easy to keep your premium cigars in perfect condition and that this was the only truly reliable humidifier.

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