Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

Cigar Oasis

Designed for mid-large humidors (75-500 cigars)

  • Long lasting, pre-treated water cartridge requires distilled water only (around 2-4 months)
  • Powered by a thin but durable electronic ribbon cable that fits through humidor seal
  • Large backlit display with live humidity & temperature readings
  • Soft to the touch sensor buttons to adjust your humidity setpoint
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability for optional use with the Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor ™ IOS & Android app

Dimensions: Length: 6” Width: 2” Height: 3.5”

SKU: HA1-1000

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Curtis Drake
Great product

Very easy to set up and has been working perfectly.

Joseph Gattuso

I have had my Excel 3.0 in my "wineador" for about a week now and can safely say that it is the best humidification system I have ever tried! It is, as advertised, truly a "set and forget" system that keeps the humidity level constant and as set within 1.50%. Also, the lighted display allows me to see at a glance the humidity level and temperature inside the unit without opening the door. If all I have to do is refill the water cartridge once every 2 months or so, this little baby is worth every penny I paid for it. Thanks to the great folks at Cigar Oasis for designing and marketing a product that really works and lives up to its reputation in every sense.

Rick Duncan
CIGAR OASIS WIFI option non-functioning junk

The cigar oasis does a great job of humidification. But the app and wifi options are junk. Mine has been "pending validation" now for about two weeks. It is also been flashing the exclamation point in the triangle the whole time as well. I would suggest you forget about the the wifi/app functions and concentrate on the humidification because your wifi setup is tedious, ridiculous and quite frankly does not work. I have seen hundreds of reviews just like mine and there doesnt seem to be any interest in fixing it.

David Dassenko
Works well, reliability issues?

This is my second Excel. It works well but my lay one only lasted for 2 years. Will see how this one lasts

Stephen Solomon
Device Not Working Properly

I bought one about 6 months ago that did not require any water. I recently bought one that I thought did not require water but it turns on elecctronically but does not raise the humiidity at allhumitity humitdity at all. Please help. I really want one that you just plug in and forget about it