Ultra Replacement Water Cartridge (Ships Free in US 48)

Cigar Oasis

It is recommended to replace the water cartridge approximately once a year as it becomes less absorbent with each refill.

  • Compatible with all Ultra models (Ultra, Ultra 2.0 & Ultra 3.0)
  • Pretreated, comes dry, just add distilled water and you’re good to go
  • All Refill Elements ship free in the US, other items added to orders under $75 will apply a shipping charge.

Dimensions: Length: 3” Width: 2.5” Height: 1”

SKU: HA3-3500

Customer Reviews

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Will not connect to WiFi. Sought out the assistance of Customer Support. However, they were unable to fix the problem. Therefore, I’m not satisfied at all.

new cartridge does not hold water for more than a few days

I have been using cigar oasis ultra 2 for over 10 years. They are the best device out there. Even though the \original cartridges worked well and held water for a month, I replaced the original cartridges with new ones as recommended. The new white insert does not absorb any water and the oasis is calling for more water in 5 days. My humidors have been in the same place in my office for ever. Are the older cartridges still available or is there something I can do to make these work well.

Daniel Broadwater
Cigar Oasis Ultra

I have used this humidifier for 7 years. Worked great until I purchased the new water refill cartridges. For some reason they changed the element that holds the water to a white foam. They are useless, as they dry up in 2 days. Why would they change from the original element that lasted (4) times longer, and worked well, to this useless product. Like most companies, they are cutting corners for their bottom line. My original cartridges lasted 6 years. Now I believe I’ll shop for new Humidifier, Dan.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with our product. We do not see any purchase history or support requests. You have an account with us and We have issued a replacement cartridge at no charge. If you ever have any trouble please contact us directly and our support staff will gladly assist. Reviews are checked periodically.

Carl Gauger

Cartridges used to last longer, it seems. I've been using this system for many years. Definitely have to replace sooner than every year. Over the past three years I've had intervals like 2, 4, and 9 months. At some point they just stop soaking up water. The system works well if you stay on top of the water and the cartridge. I get about 1.5 weeks out of a filling if the cartridge is good.

something doesn't seem right. Please contact our support team. the Humidor which you're using the ultra may be slightly larger than the capacity it is meant for causing the more frequent refill and replacements. We are happy to assist.


Always great to have a backup cartridge to keep your system running.