Ash-Stay Sealing Wind & Odor Resistant Cigar Ashtray


Ash-Stay Sealing Wind & Odor Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Cigar Ashtray 

Cover your ash! 

Hate that stale odor of leftover cigars and ash? Ash-Stay is the answer. The patented seal protects against wind and odor so you can enjoy smoking and stay clean with no stale odors lingering around after!

AshStay is great for RV's, boats, and general outdoor and indoor use. It is designed to retain ashes inside no matter where the wind blows. Place it wherever you want to smoke outside or bring it with you on your next fishing trip. The Ash-Stay makes for a great gift for the cigar lover in your life.

  • Sealing Top Retains Ashes & Odors
  • Seals in Odors
  • Wind Resistant
  • Made with High-Quality Melamine – Easy to clean
  • Great for Indoors & Outdoors

 Dimensions: 8" Diameter Height: 2"