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Ash-Stay Sealing Windproof Cigar Ashtray - Gun Metal

Cigar Essentials

Gun Metal

Hate that stale odor of leftover cigars and ash?

Now, you can cover your ash, with Ash-Stay. 

The patented seal protects against wind and odor so you can enjoy smoking and stay clean with no stale odors lingering around after. 

  • Sealing Top Retains Ashes & Odors
  • Seals in ash & odors 
  • Made with high quality melamine plastic (easy to clean) 
  • Great for both indoors and outdoors 

Ash-Stay is great for RV's, boats, and general outdoor and indoor use. It is designed to retain ashes inside no matter where the wind blows. Place it wherever you want to smoke outside or bring it with you on your next fishing trip. The Ash-Stay makes for a great gift for the cigar lover in your life.

Dimensions: 8" Diameter Height: 2"


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Tammy Cavallaris

First Ash-stay came with a hole and a crack but I called and spoke with customer service. They were awesome!!! They sent me a new ash-stay with 2 days, a small gift, and gave me refund.
They stood behind their products!

Wilfredo Alonso
Cigar Ash-Stay

Great accessory … I used it…It works as advertised…👍

Michael Wright
5 stars just because oasis is awsome

So people are writing reviews without buying? Saying it LOOKS cheap? And that they THINK it will melt. Are u really doing a reviews on pics and what you think you know? Make it so only people that buy it can do reviews.

Richard Laev
Wind proof ashtray

I bought 3 of them and couldn’t be happier, plus we shopped around and Cigar Oasis had the lowest price in the county!

Jackie Goff
Returned - appear to be made out of plastic

Cannot imagine that these would not melt with cigar’s burning inside them. Lids were not secure, so if bumped, lids likely to pop off and release ashes. Husband is a cigar smoker and these were a gift for him. He said they are impractical and returned them.