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My Cigar Oasis is setup in my humidor, but the fan keeps running?

There are only a few things that cause this problem. Most often, this is a water issue.

If there is any loose water in the cartridge, the water blocks the air flow and the unit thinks it's empty. It cannot draw the moisture from the cartridge and into your humidor. That would cause the low and the unit to constantly run. If this is the case, please refill the cartridge according to the instructions here.

If your humidor is new or hasn’t been used for a while, it may need to be seasoned. If the wood is dry, the unit runs and the moisture is going into the wood.  You may use the Cigar Oasis to season the humidor, but to season it faster you may also wipe down the wood in the humidor with distilled water.

If all of the above don't fit, then the only other reason this symptom happens is if there is a poor seal or leak somewhere in the humidor. A very easy leak test is to take your cigars out briefly and burn a piece of incense on a little dish and close the lid. You cannot see water vapor, however you can see smoke escape. If that's the case you need to address that problem before you can go any further.

My Cigar Oasis reads a different number from my hygrometer?

The Cigar Oasis is factory calibrated and is set at 70%.  Generally analog hygrometers are not very reliable.  If you have a digital hygrometer you trust completely, you may see the instruction manual for your product to change the calibration so they match. 

Why does the unit read HHH or LLL?

This usually this happens when the control top feels too much moisture or humidity. If you have recently filled the water cartridge, please remove the top and let the unit air dry for a few hours. After that, give it a helping hand using a blow dryer. Of course, you don't want to melt the plastic so don't hold it too close and preferably use it on a “cool” setting. Then leave it sit awhile again before you hook it up. Then, follow the refilling directions very and you should have no future trouble.

it out and then putting it back in. If the connection is good and it is tight, please check the unit on AC Power.

What does the code C1.x, C2.x, C3.x mean?

These codes are the program number of the chip inside the control top. The codes will always show when ever the unit is first hooked up, or disconnected and reconnected, or if there is a power interruption. Ordinarily, it will disappear after approximately 30 seconds. If you are using the unit on batteries are experiencing the code staying lit and not going off, that means the batteries are low. Since the batteries were not totally dead, the unit tried to come back on, however didn't have enough strength. Recharge the battery and when you reconnect you will again see the code appear, however this time it should go out after 30 seconds or less.

I am running my Cigar Oasis unit on battery and it isn't going on.  What should I do?

Be sure that you have plugged in the power cord to charge the battery and check that the ribbon wire from the battery pack is pushed all the way into the unit. Try pulling it out and then putting it back in. If the connection is good and it is tight, please check the unit on AC Power to see if this is an issue with just the battery or the unit.

My unit is running on battery power, how do I turn it off?

Press SUN button 6 times until you see Pon to enter Power Save Mode (only available when operating on battery power). Use the down and up arrows to scroll through the Power Options and the SUN button to select the option.

  • Pon is Power On.
  • SLP is Sleep Mode. The display and fans will turn off. Hold the SUN button for 3 seconds to turn the unit back on.
  • PoF is Power Off mode. This completely shuts down the unit and it will need to be plugged in to turn it back on. 

MAGNA Troubleshooting

Why is there a low humidity reading on higher shelves?

The proper placement for the MAGNA in the cabinet is key in ensuing that the desired humidity can be reached throughout the entire cabinet.

  1.   Position the MAGNA so that the back (where the humidity is released from) is facing the back of the humidor or wherever the most open space is that that air can travel with ease.
  2. There should be at least two inces of open space for the air travel up on the back of the cabinet.  Be careful not to place cigar boxes flush against the back wall as that can block the airflow. 

 Why aren't the auxiliary fans turning on?

The Auxiliary fans are designed to only turn oon once the unit reaches the desired Set Point.  Depending on the conditions of the cigar cabinet, this can be often or very seldom.  If you are using them in a very large cabinet (40+ cubic feet) and the AUX fans are not going on since the unit is constantly running and you need to add additional circulation, you can purchase any small fan and place it close to the MAGNA vents to help it reach higher in the cabinet.  This separate fan should not run continually as that can negatively affect the humidity stability.

Why is the MAGNA reaching the humidity Set Point?

The sensor is located on the remote, so if the remote is positioned a few shelved higher the the base a lower reading would be normal unitil there has been sufficient time of the cabinet being closed for the humidity to travel upward.  However, if the remote is on a lower shelf and or the humidity does not rise to Set Point even after a few hours of the humidor being completely closed, please check the following:

  1. The water base has water, but is not more than 3/4 full.  There should be about 1 inch of space between the fill level and vents so the humidity can properly escape.
  2. The unit is properly positioned so the vents are facing an area where the air can travel straight up uninterrupted by any boxes or obstacles

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

How do I setup my new Wi-Fi unit?

You can use the included instructions to guide you through the setup or view the setup video.

 How do I change the name or location of my device?

Login to Click on the device you would like to edit. On the page with charts displayed, click on the EDIT DEVICE link just above the charts. Change the information and click SAVE.

How do I set up notifications?

Login to and Go to MANAGE MY PROFILE.  At the bottom of the PROFILE page check the ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS button and then SUBMIT.   This will turn the notifications on.

How do I add or change and email address or phone numbe for notifications?

Login to and Go to MANAGE MY PROFILE on the top right hand side of the page. Click on the Address Book Tab on the Blue Navigation Bar. To add a new phone number or email address click the ADD NEW button at the top. To edit a phone number or email address click EDIT on the corresponding line. After changing or adding information be sure to click SAVE.

My Wi-Fi stopped registering humidity, how do I get it working again?

Disconnect all plugs, ribbon and wires. If using an Ultra 2.0 make sure battery power is turned off also. Reconnect everything and then hold the SUN & DOWN buttons simultaneously until the menu changes to Snd.  Press the SUN button once to send a signal. On your Cigar Oasis APP or on refresh your screen to see the new reading.  If you don't see a new  reading you may need to re-connect to your router.  Then follow this procedure again.  You will not need to re-register your Wi-Fi to your account.  See User Manual.

Why don't I receive Low Water Alerts?

Low water alerts will only be sent if the humidifier does not reach within 10% of the humidity set point for 3 or more consecutive hours.  If this is the case make sure your email and cell have been validated (Thumbs Up) on your Profile Page.  Also make sure the Notify All box is checked. 

How do I change the temperature reading from/to Celcius or Fahrenheit?

Press the SUN button on the Cigar Oasis unit one time until the temperature is displayed.  Use the UP or DOWN arrows to adjust to C or F.  When you have selected the new unit, press the SUN button and it will be saved. 

 Every few hours I am noticing spikes in humidity readings, sometimes at much as 5-8%. Is there something wrong?

No, this is normal.  The SmartHumidor acts as a mirror of the Cigar Oasis built in hygrometer and reports once an hour whatever the reading is at that moment.  Sometimes while the fan is running and releasing moisture into the humidor the sensor spikes for a few seconds while at the same time the Smart Humidor is sending out the data.  To get a full picture of how the humidor is operating, look at the charts for a full day and see the average reading. 

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