February 15, 2013 2 min read

The sophistication of an analog hygrometer meets the accuracy and advanced functionality of a digital!

NEW YORK, February 15, 2013 – Cigar Oasis and Western Humidor are pleased to announce the availability of the new round digital hygrometer, the Caliber 4R. This new hygrometer contains the same super accurate sensor and advanced functionality of the legendary Caliber line, but packages it in a new elegant round design.

The Caliber line of hygrometers has gained a reputation for its reliable accuracy, slim profile design and no hassle operation. Late last year, the Caliber IV was introduced with the same stream-lined form and advanced sensor and electronics with many new features.

Now we are pleased to announce the release of the Caliber 4R. This hygrometer utilizes the same sensor, circuitry and calibration as the Caliber IV but in a design that will knock your socks off! Imagine a round hygrometer with the classic looks of an analog but powered by the advanced, accurate digital electronics of the Caliber line!

Once again we did our homework and resisted the urge to bring a round digital to market too quickly. We didn't want to produce just another regular digital display surrounded by a lot of ugly plastic. Instead we wanted to come up with a style that you would be proud to put in your humidor, accenting the time honored style that the analog hygrometer exudes.

The addition to these new features was done without any compromises on features or quality. Both the Caliber IV and the Caliber 4R retain their legendary accuracy and are designed to eliminate gauge flutter with slow response updating time. Both still display humidity and temperature readings, have the ability to record maximum and minimum readings and can be set to display in either Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

"With the release of the Caliber 4R, we have once again shown that Western Humidor is the leader when it comes to digital hygrometers", says Michael Shane, President of Western Humidor. Al Foundos, President of Cigar Oasis added that "No one can touch the accuracy, reliability or outstanding design of the Caliber 4R."