July 02, 2015 2 min read

SmartHumidor Launch and App Update

NEW YORK, July 2, 2015, New York - For immediate release: In 2014 Cigar Oasis released the Next Generation line of humidifiers along with the Wi-Fi attachment for remote monitoring, control, and alerts. It was met with remarkable success as reflected in both sales and customer feedback. On July 18th at the IPCPR convention in New Orleans, Cigar Oasis will officially launch its Smart Humidor™ brand.

The Wi-Fi attachment, web login, and smartphone apps will all be rebranded under the Smart Humidor™ label. Going forward, any humidor equipped with a Cigar Oasis humidifier and Wi-Fi attachment can assume the name Smart Humidor™ and can be marketed as such by retailers who wish to sell it as a full package. In addition, all future Cigar Oasis products in the remote monitoring/control category will be released under the Smart Humidor™ brand.

“We were seeing a number of other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled remote monitoring devices enter the cigar accessory market and we wanted a brand that would emphasize the uniqueness of what our product offers…” Said Albert Foundos, president and founder of Cigar Oasis. “Ours does not merely monitor and alert you of changes, but can actually control the humidity since it is attached to your Cigar Oasis humidifier. And more importantly, ANY humidor can become a Smart Humidor, from a desktop to a large cabinet and even small walk-ins. So this is really a universal solution, not locking you into to any one particular humidor size or design.”

In addition to the Smart Humidor™ brand launch, Cigar Oasis will also be introducing its updated IOS/Android apps and web login (due to be released September 1st). In addition to a complete facelift, swifter response, and more user-friendly functionality, the apps will now share all the features of the web login including; low water alert settings and access to the full 18 months of humidity and temperature history.

“We are definitely out of beta mode now and our goal is to make the Smart Humidor™ a household staple for every serious cigar consumer.” Said Chaim Kohn, sales manager at Cigar Oasis.