Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

Cigar Oasis

Designed for mid-large humidors (75-500 cigars)

  • Long lasting, pre-treated water cartridge requires distilled water only (around 2-4 months)
  • Powered by a thin but durable electronic ribbon cable that fits through humidor seal
  • Large backlit display with live humidity & temperature readings
  • Soft to the touch sensor buttons to adjust your humidity setpoint
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability for optional use with the Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor ™ IOS & Android app
  • Suggested for use in climate controlled/wineador humidors

Dimensions: Length: 6” Width: 2” Height: 3.5”

SKU: HA1-1000

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Matthew Kovarek

Great product, keeps humidor at perfect humidity levels

Nick Miller
A perfect way to keep my cigars safe

I have set up my Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 in my humidor and it’s working wonderfully! It’s keeping the unit at a perfect 66% (which is how I like my cigars) and, with the bright screen, I can easily check it at a glance. I’m super happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to everyone!

John Bowker
Oasis excel 3

I did try and contact you but no one has answered. I'm a little disappointed in the performance of this unit. There should be a better description of this unit. Knowing what I know now I would have insisted on the next up unit. My buddy and I bothe bought these. I would send them back.

Brad Parks
A great humidifier

This is my second cigar oasis humidifier. My first one lasted years. The new 3.0 is awesome. They have improved the new model that makes it much easier to set. Loving it! Highly recommend this humidifier.

Raul Torres
Great system

I think it is a great product, I did not give the 5 stars because the wifi setup was not as easy as the instructions stated and the app only provides input per hour not live. It is sturdy, but be careful with the flexible cord it looks fragile and it may break easily. I understand it has to be thin so it can maintain the humidor door seal, just be careful. Otherwise, it sustains the humidity (RH) very stable and consistent. I will recommend this product.