Warranty Information


Cigar Oasis LLC warrants Cigar Oasis electronics module against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year after date of purchase. The water cartridge is warranted only for initial defects in materials or workmanship causing leakage during warranty period only.

Within warranty period, any fault or failure determined by Cigar Oasis LLC to be the result of an above mentioned cause is subject to replacement of parts or components or full product replacement in some instances.

It remains the discretion of Cigar Oasis LLC, move forward with or refuse replacement of products or components of products.

To obtain warranty service, contact must be established with Cigar Oasis LLC and are subject to a thorough period of troubleshooting in partnership with Cigar Oasis LLC. An authorization for return will be issued when appropriate.

When Units are returned, they must be free of Water cartridge/Water Base. Any units returned with full cartridges/water bases attached can cause damage to the unit, prevent proper assessment of issue & can result in forfeit of warranty claim under Misuse/mishandling.

Devices returned “Blind” without authorization may be subject to delays in followup or investigation of issue. Device returned in a state which will render us unable to investigate will forfeit replacement/refund eligibility.


The warranty of your CIGAR OASIS only applies to the original purchaser at retail and may not be transferred. Warranty covers fault or failure as a result of normal usage or above mentioned causes. Warranty does not apply to defects or damage determined to be direct result of, Unauthorized modifications, repairs, assumed function, misuse or mishandling, use with improper line voltage, or factors relating to user environment.

Devices purchased through unauthorized resellers, third party individuals or platforms such as EBay, Pinterest, Etsy or Facebook Marketplace (similar platforms) are not eligible for the same warranty consideration. Cigar Oasis LLC will still offer parts & support if available & basic troubleshooting.

It remains the discretion of Cigar Oasis LLC, move forward with or refuse replacement of products or components of products as an “Exception” when appropriate.


No other warranty, whether written or oral, is expressed or implied and exceptions to the above mentioned are solely at the discretion of Cigar Oasis LLC or its representatives. As the nature of long term function and use depend on a certain element of user interaction, Cigar Oasis LLC is not liable for any loss or damage, direct, consequential, or incidental arising out of the use of or inability to use or monitor this product and its use environment correctly. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness is limited to the one-year duration of this written warranty. You must register by filling out the Warranty Registration Form to activate warranty.