Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

Cigar Oasis

Designed for cabinet & tower humidors (5-50 cubic feet)

The Cigar Oasis Magna is recognized by both cigar retailers and cigar enthusiasts alike as the most reliable humidifier for cigar cabinets.

Being a completely sealed system, it can run in all size end-tables to very large cabinets. 

  • Remote control & sensor with large backlit LCD display
  • Transparent base and water beads for easy monitor and refill
  • Soft to the touch sensor buttons to adjust your humidity set-point
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability for optional use with the Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor ™ IOS & Android app

Dimensions: Length: 13” Width: 6.5” Height: 6”

SKU: HA4-4000

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Melady
providing my cigars an ideal environment, they give me respite

A Cigar Oasis Magna III to replace an earlier Oasis provides a idea environment in the dry cold of winter and makes a Cuban cigar feel at home, allowing the full fruit of the earth to be shared by anyone down wind. No cigar should be sent to a home without a Cigar Oasis.

Great upgrade from my C.O. 2 purchased in '03

Upgrade my '02 Cigar Oasis II two weeks ago for the Magna 3.0 and was the best decision for my 800 cigar tower humidor.
With sleek design, robust fans and an efficient electronic humidifier, it eliminates the guess work in keeping pricey gars at its optimal level.

richard macmillan
You should let customers know that they will be charged 144.00 duty

I was charged 144.00 cutims on duty
Shame on nit disclosing it

John Shiber
My Humidor

Oasis Magna 3.0 to replace my current unit this unit is definitely much better since I got the unit my humidor has been keeping the humidty/temp where it needs to be.

Thomas Brown
Great product

Installed easily and has great control and notification via the Bluetooth app