Telescopic Crushproof Cigar Travel Case - Single Cigar Tube + Built-in Hygrometer

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Single Cigar Tube + Built-in Hygrometer
Three Cigar Tube + Built-in Humidification
Eight Cigar Capacity + Built-in Humidification & Hygrometer

You just arrived at the resort and dropped off your bags, the hard part is over and it's time to light up a fat one, you reach into your shaving kit bag to find your cellophane wrapped stogie only to discover the wrapper starting to tear and the cigar cap half cracked off. So painful. 

Make this a story of the past. These affordable, practical and durable crush-proof plastic cigar tubes will never let you down. 

  • Telescopic design expands up to 8 inches 
  • Made of tough crush-proof plastic 

SKU: PC-1000

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Palmer
Get one before they are gone or miss out

Unbelievable price for a solid product. My stogies fit perfectly and I don't ever worry about crushing them. Add the small but easy to use humidor in the base and you have a worry less, ready to go anywhere case. I got the 3 stick and also the single stick and I absolutely love them! The single stick even holds the big rings at perfect humidity for a few days.

Dionna Allen

Although I haven’t personally tried them I’m satisfied with what I see, I brought them for gifts

Eric I
Tube It, Dude

This bad boy will hold a nice & expensive Churchill cigar that you would gift to your… self 😉

All jokes aside, it’s pretty sweet and does its job.